Friday, August 22, 2014

My Little Angel "Gwenevierre Ayesha Gunawan"

Alhamdulillah saya ucapkan kepada kehadirat rabbi yang senantiasa memberikan banyak rizki kepada kami (pasangan dua sejoli) diantara seorang anak yang sholekhah (amin), tak terasa pernikahan kami menginjak pada tahun pertama (Lihat postingan sebelumnya : My Amazing weeding ) tepatnya kami menikah pada 25 Agustus 2013 dimana tanggal itu adalah sebuah tanggal yang sangat amat manis bagi kami,.

Dan mungkin Allah telah mempercayakan kepada kami menitipkan sebuah anak yang sangat amat cantik ini, yakni pada tanggal 29 Mei 2014 Telah lahir anak dari kami dengan kondisi sehat dan melalui persalinan yang normal, Mungkin ini adalah sebuah rizki yang amat sangat besar yang di berikan oleh Allah kepada kami, senang, bahagia melingkupi perasaan keluarga kami karena telah menjadi seorang bapak dan Ibu bagi anak kami yang manis dan sangat cantik.

Imut Banget

Lagi Mau Bobo

Bobo Manis
Diatas adalah Foto anak kami yang sangat menggemaskan dan sangat cantik itu. Gwen adalah nama panggilan bagi anak kami, anak kami sangat menggemaskan bagi yang melihatnya. pertama lahir berat badan Gwen ini adalah 2,7 Kg dan panjang 50 cm.

Itulah sepenggal Cerita tentang kebahagiaan rumah tanggal kami yang telah di beri momongan dan telah di beri kepercayaan kepada keluarga saya untuk membesarkan dan mendidik seorang putri cantik yakni Gwenevierre Ayasha Gunawan, dan semoga putri kami menjadi anak yang solekah dan berguna bagi nusa dan bangsa.. Aminn..

Monday, October 14, 2013

My Amazing Wedding

As a girl I've a dream. Seems like usual dream, but it wasn't. An adorable mom inspired my dream, and of course create me just the way I am now. For some people, Maybe it was just a simple dream for, but for it was the biggest dream I've ever heard. I wanna marry with the boy whom I love, in young age. Sound horrible, huh? But it's true.

My mom met my dad when she was twenty years old. They were married six mounts later and having me in the next year. Therefor, my mom became a mom when she was so young, 21 years old. Imagine it! Then, as the result, now me and mom just like a friend, a very very best friend. Not only our feeling but also our appearance. See how people always trapped about our looks !!

She looks like my sister, right? Even she was 21 years older that me. Such an amazing picture. That is why I wanna be like her, become a mom in a young age. Think about thousand benefits if we have children in young age, we can take a role as a friend, we can take them care more longer that others and so forth.

Day by day, my dream getting bigger but I am not really sure that it can be done, until he came. An ordinary humble boy. Not really interactive, not really nice, but I tough that there is something on him. He was not talked  too much, but something what I know was that he has feeling like mine. A long journey then happened, our relation ship was not easy, we have different thinking, age, and of course character. Remember that I don't have sisters or brothers and he has, sometimes he feels too old to me. We have o sync each other. We are different and we completing each other. That fram og thinking brought us to the final decision that we have ready, to face the real face of relationship, Marriage.

He has never ever ask me in the romantic scene like hollywood movies, he directly came to my perents (with his big big family) and ask me the question I wanna heard the most. I've never say, "i do." or something like that, I answered with a big capability to become his wife and his mother of the future child. And after that, the date was decided, August 25th 2013. Long preparation, long contemplation, long debate, longgg ,,, untill .. this is it ! Our wedding come.

Signing Our Marriage Documents

Not a fancy party, just a kindly ceremony with our beloved family, friend, teachers and of course neighbors. That was the most amazing scene in my live, I actually fulfilling my dream to be a young bride, a young wife and young mom (will be - no I have 4 week baby in my womb). And I hope this is our last marriage, for now and forever. aamiin.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Human Centipede II – The Most Sadistic Movie

Do you ever seen a centipede? Centi means Hundred in Latin and Pede means Feet in the same language. Right, Centipede is an animal which has many feet. In Taxonomy, Centipede classified as arthropods belonging to the class Chilopoda of the subphylum Myriapoda. Centipedes usually have a color combination in its body between red and brown, very small, just a few millimeters. Centipede found in several condition of nature. It’s so silly, but can you amagine the small animal like Centipede being a subject of Slasher Horor Movie?
In 2010, the Dutch film-maker Tom Six inspired by Centipede around him to make a Slasher Horror Movie. If you think this movie will be as silly as the Centipedes, you have to be ready to getting mad, shock when you seen this movie. Because this movie absolutely creepy, sadis and brutal. The story is about the insane doctor who kidnap three people, and unite them surgically, mouth to anus, it just like a centipede. This movie shock the world, rejecting in several nations but not stop Tom Six to blow up his creativity.
Three years letter, Tom Six decided to make a secuel for this movie, titled Human Centipede 2 – Full Sequences. Same with the previous movie, Human Centipede 2 – Full Sequencess still use a centipedes to scare us. but the wors of all is the human who united surgically being a centipede are 11 people. What the . . . do not be shock yet , , because the whole of the movie will push you to yor bed.

The Synopsis of Human Centipede 2 – Full Sequences :

 In this time, the previouse movie describe as a movie in the real world, and Martin Lomax is watching it in his laptop. He getting obsessed with that movie and inspired to do what the insane doctor has done in the movie. Martin’s mother is a suicidal person, who was very depressed because her husband was in jail. Martin ha to face her angre coz she tought Martin was the reason of her husband been prisoned. Martin getting more depression until his pshyciatrist abuse him sexualy.
Then, Martin start his killing action to heal depression and to follow his idol in first Human Centipede movie. He hide his victim in a dingi werehouse. His first victim are a teenage couple, two drunk girls, a man and his wife and a stranger, and of course Dr.Sebring. he colecting his victim to be ready fo surgery being centipede, but he need one the important person who inspiring him to do like that, Ashlyn Yennie. An actrees who act as Jenny in firsT Human Centipede movie. And he start to create his own centipede with twelve victims.

He created his centipede with just ten people because two of them was dead. Ashlyn was in front and the other victim was surgery being unite. Tandon was in each knees to prevent them run away and the teeth crush by the hammer. He slices the buttocks of his victim and surge it to the next victim lips.

After he got his human centipede, he did some experiment. He gave a laxative to Ashly mouth and watch it what happen. Will it going through until the last victim or not. But suddenly, something unpredictable happened. The victim who predict as a death body was still alive and run away to get any help.

That was what I felt about The Human Centipede 2 – Full Sequences. Be aware, do not let your friend, sister, brother, child under the age 18 to watch this movie, because this is the most sadistic one that i have ever known. The are so many brutal and creepy scene. But I still hope that my review will give you all many advantages.

The 3 Most Tragic Love Stories

Love is the most amazing thing, and the most amazing theme to talk about. Love is a life, because there is love in every breathe that we tak, there is love in every step that we take and there is love in every time in our time. joyful like a laugh, peaceful like a morning-grass, bright like a summer-sun, but as dark as a night and as cruel as a knight. We get either happiness or sadness from love. So that why, so many writer use the love theme to write down their stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

Do you know Shakespears? Do you Know Khalil Gibran? And do you know Walt Disney? They are people who get the financial benefites by using love-theme stories. Shakespears, Khalil Gibran is the most famous poet in the world, almost all of their poems, poetries and scripts are about love, dream and faith. And how about Walt Disney? Is the founder and owner of Disney Picture Studios. He concerned in his work to make animations for children, blow up the urban legends and bedtime stories about love, but in childish way to make them understand about the importance of love.

Sad Love Story
Love is a beuty, but not all of the love stories that exist in the worls ended in a beuty-way. As a proof, The 7 Deadly Sins that wrote down in Old Testament can connect with the existance of love. Wrath, the most ganderous warth is because of love. Envy, can be reach at the mommet because the thing tha love can’t give. Greed is the how love behave. Sloth is the manner of people who was fallin in love, and so forth. Means that the beuty of love can kill the subject of it. I have arranged several love stories that have terrible ending in the article above titled The 3 Most Tragic Love-Stories. Lets check it out :

1.    Shah Jehan with Mumtaz Mahal

Illustration of Shah Jehan and Wife
Do you ever heard Taj Mahal? The beutiful white-castle seatled in India which is the one of Seven Wonder of the world. It was so amazing, the wall is claerly white just like a diamond in the sky, the cube was so struggle in its purity, it was complitely like a castle in fairtale. But you know, Taj Mahal function was not as beutiful as its look like. It is a grave-yard.

I devinately sure that you will think who was the insan person behind those amazing building? He is Shah Jehan. Man who has A'la Azad Abul Muzaffar Shahab ud-Din Mohammad Khurram as his full-name is the fifth emperor of the Mughal Empire from 1628 until 1658. He felt in love with the mst betiful girl that he has ever known, name Arjumand Banu Begum, they were engenged and got married in 1612. They gift fourteen children, and the wife was die in the last children pregnancy. Shah Jehan was so guilty because of her death, and decided to build the most beutiful grave-yard for his wife, named same with the wife’s nick name Mumtaz Mahal, Taj Mahal.

2.    Romeo and Juliet
Visualisation of Romeo and Juliette
 Romeo and Juliette was a fiction figure who created by the famous English poet, William Shakespears. Many people belived that the Shakespears’ reason  to create Romeo-Juliette isn’t about money, Shakespears famouse as a sosial figure who care about love, and the rome-Juliette is the one of his careness.

The story concerned in the life of two young people, Romeo and Juliette. They met in the ball. The beuty of Juliette make Romeo felt in love with her, and so did the Juliette, because Romao was exactly so handsome. However, the ball dedicated to introduce Julliette with the Count of Paris who was looking for a wife. Romeo comes out because he invited by his cousin to heal his depression of love. Then, Romeo’s depression has healed by Juliette.

But their love story was nott hapily ever after. Julliette was from Capulet famili who was an animy for Montagues family, Romeo’s familiy. Their parent didn’t allow them to love each other, try to seperate them by using many ways. But their love was so stro. One day, they decided to run away. Before the plan succeed, Julliette’s parents insist her to marry with Count of Paris. Julliette pretend to die to run away from thos plan, but Romeo has a mistake. He thought that Juliette real died, he his heart with his sword. When Juliette woke up, she found her fiencee die and decided to stab her heart too.

3.    Prince Saleem and Anarkali the Pouper

Prince Saleem is the son of The Great Akbar, Mughal Emperor. He is a brutal and rebel prince, he never did what his kingdom want, he always in his own adventures. Woman, gamble and so many hedonism activity is his usual untui someday he met the pouper of his castle named Anarkali. Anarkali was the beutiful girl who have ever seen, with exotic tan skin, sexy body and beutyfull eyes.

illustration of Prince Saleem and Anarkali

They love each other, but because of the different social grade, the King and the queen fight their relationship. Prince Saleem didn’y care about that, he still love Anarkali and want to run away with her. Someday, the Saleem’s parent have cruel intention to seperate the. They sent Prince Saleem constitutional due in far away from Mughal, and kill Anarkali. And their love ended.

That was The 3 Most Tragic Love Stories that i wanna share you. I hope those stories can give you a faith that with love, how bad your condition you can take the beuty of it. Do not scare of the pain caused about love, do not discredit lovers as the foolish, face it and try to do your best to reach happiness. And of course I hope you, all of the reader can teach the life learning about how hard they could be to struggle to love. And dont forget to read my other postes.

5 The most Beutiful Way to Propose Your Fiancee

Every relationship has a “fininsh-line”, the purpose to take the better grade for both man and woman, the best gurantee to be more respect each other. But, these “Finish-Line” has a different mean for every single person depand on the background live of those people. Says, where they lived, what was their love orientation, and of course who are their family. For example : people who lived in western countries will have different frame of thinking about those “Finish-Line” with the people who lived in Eastern, it’s because the style of life in western are more liberal, free and simple than easterns. if we talk about the ‘Finish-Line’ of the relationship in eastern people, we will find automaticaly that we were in the topic about marriage, because it’s the most logical thing that eastern people have to do in their Finish-Line of their relationship. Moreover, either western or eastern still need a Fininsh-Line but with different form.

But it doesn’t mean that western people don’t wanna marry, they just need more convince-things to decide to do thatt. Factualy, many people in United States, United Kingdom or European still married. Because I was born as an Asian Girl, we’ll just talk about those Finish-Line in Asian culture where I belong, I don’t want to descridit the other culture as a worst culture, because I didn’t know how exactly their frame of thinkin’.

Back to the topic, in Asia man who has interest with a woman will declare to the women that he was so interest to do some stuff with her and always ask, will her be him? And if the girl say YES means starts from the time, either boy or girl did’t allow to be close with another boy or girl. Then, both boy and the girl will surf their basic manner to decide they were match or not. If the boy tought that they were match, he will prepare to propose girl became his wife.

Marriage Proposal
This are 5 The Most Beutiful Way to Propose Your Fiancee as the best marriage proposal that the girl want the most, ceck it out :

1.    Canddle Light Dinner
The most romantic way is with Candle Light Dinner. You can take your fiancee to your favorite restourant, order the spesial services to get any romantic condition, with the Canddle, flowers and of course music. For the firs, you just say that you have any good new from your boss and you wanna celebrate t with her, in order that she didn’t thing there is any suspicious about you. Then, if you both have done with the dessert, you will start your plan.

A man with fiolin and a group of a romantic choir comes out. When your fiancee confuse and little bit shock, you can do the next step that will make her more shock. It was Ring. You pull out the ring from your pocket and say, “Will You Marry Me?”

Oh my Gosh ! I terribely sure that your fiancee will scream out and even crying, because it was what she want and she getting happier coz you give it wth a special way.

2.    Favorite Place
The next 5 The Most Beautifuul Way to Propose Your Fiencee is by using the phicical connection between both of you. The girl who you want to spend your life is the girl that you know the most, Right? It was impossible that you wanna marry with the girl that you didn’t know who she is. So that why, you can use those knowing about your girl to propose her. Says, her favorite place.
You can get a special holliday, free for your work-sheet, free for your bussiness and free for everything, just a little time to you and your girl. Take her to her special place, for example : beach, mountain, Villa or other exotic place. You spent your time just for make her happy, and at the end of your day, you hug her and of course pull out your beutiful ring that you bring special for her, and you said, “Will You Marry Me?”. And she will said that the place will be the most favorite place ever.

3.    Flowers in Hommy Dinner
Then, the next way is the most simple but romantic that you can prepare by your self. It is using your special ability to serve the dish. In the weekend, you can said that you wanna make some romantic canddle light dinner, not in your special prestigious restourant as you usual did but in your home. You buy every needed, you cook by your self, you take two chairs with a fuly decorated table, and you are ready. It doesn’t matter what the taste of your dish, it doesn’t matter how simple your preparation, your fiancee will appreciate what you’ve done.

After that, you give the special service for serve the food just like what they did in best restourant. Enjoy those perfect time, with beutiful music, flowers, canddle and the last ring. Surprise her with the ring that you pull out from the flower that you gave.
4.    In Front of Her Parents
For every single girl in the world, parents is the most important figure ever. If she has proclaime your relationship in front of her parents means that she was so serious with you. And how happe she is with you have the sam serious thing. You can say that you missed her parents and wanna see them, she will call her parents and prepare the family dinner. In the end of the dinner, you can say to her parents that you wanna marry their little gir, you proposed her in front of her parents. This was automaticly will gave you not only be the most lovely fiance but also most lovely parents in law. 
5.    Down of the Knees
The last, this is the most simple, most toucy and most romantic way that you can do. Whatever the condition, whenever you were, you can do this way to propose your fiancee. You just need to buy the special ring, and gave it to her. You are down your knees, and said, “Will You Marry, Me?”. I magicaly sure that she will melt down.

This is the first time I posted in English. I know that my English was not perfect but I hope you can enjoy what I wrote down and can get the message behind it. If you have a fiancee, that you have known for long time, this is the rigt time to ask her, to permit her, and to make her happier by giving her what she want, Marriage. It doesn’t matter what the way that you choose to do, she will appreciate it as the best thing that she ever have from you. Don’t wait to long if you don’t wanna loose her heart, because as I told you, the special thing the the girl want the most is commitment. And the marriage is the way to show your commitment with her. Thank you for being enjoy my article titled 5 The most Beutiful Way to Propose Your Fiancee, see you in the next article.